Do We Really Have to Choose?

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You know that “They” all say that joining the real world is easy (and what you were born to do)! You wake up at the same time each morning (usually before the sun is up), eat the same type of breakfast and get ready to go to work at the same company where you found a really awesome niche that doesn’t vary much day to day.

Well this would be easy if you weren’t a certified night owl (aka vampire) who hates monotony but has been told for the last however many years of life that you MUST pick a profession, you MUST become an expert and you MUST never stray from that path.

The problem with that is how can you pick one when there are multiple jobs/things that you’re interested in….. and that you could possibly be good at! The saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” was made to be somewhat derogatory for people like us. Those who have a difficult time staying in one field or specialty for long. A long time for some could be days while for another it might equate to a couple years.

We can show and tell others that there is nothing wrong with living this way. You can be a multimaster! To the naysayers who declare it is mandatory to have only one specialty, I say : who says I have to choose just one!

Kicking It Back to the People
Do you feel that it is imperative to have only one main interest in life that you can eventually master? Or is it possible to be successful juggling multiple trades?


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