OK…Where Were We?

STL grafitti postcard

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Currie

Now that the soapbox rant is out of the way I’d like to introduce myself.

Hello and Welcome! I’m Jennifer and I’ll be your host for the evening. I currently hail from the Gateway to the West (Saint Louis, MO) after living in the Motor City (Detroit, MI) for almost 3 years. I left St. Louis to “find” my way in the world. All I did was end up more lost.

It’s amazing how I’m beginning to relate to and show more of my Gen Y or millennial generation nature: fickle but ambitious, techn-savy, and family-centered. They missed me on that impatient trait. I can sit very still…when I have a good book or some kind of computer in front of me. That’s just the good stuff. Apparently, we’re self-entitled and ungrateful also.

I say I’m adapting to the world I was given. I’ve decided to make it (or at least my little part of it) work for me, and not always against me.

My past is varied and over, my future is waiting to be found.


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