Is It Possible to Remember Everything?

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Photo courtesy of Jacob Bøtter.

It’s amazing how fast a thought can be lost. You’re standing in the bathroom, doing your hair and you have an epiphany. There’s a whole amazing conversation going on in your head right now. You say “I should write this down.” Yet you’re so busy you convince yourself that you’ll remember. When you leave the bathroom, someone knocks on the door, your phone rings, or your stomach growls.

Fast forward to 7 hours, or even 30 minutes, later. You’re stuck trying to remember that great idea you had. As a matter of fact, you’re struggling just to remember what the subject even was!

Now imagine you have your epiphany while trying to fall asleep. You could not remember your thoughts after switching rooms earlier. What makes you think you have any hope for remembering this one in the morning?

Stop relying on your flawed memory. Unless you have a photographic one. In that case, I’m extremely jealous. Yes, you may have many scrapes of paper lying around. You can transfer your thoughts to your hard drive or the cloud.

Who knows….one of your lost thoughts could have changed the world!


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