Out of Her Universe by Jacqueline Diamond

Out of Her Universe by Jacqueline Diamond

Out of Her Universe
By Jacqueline Diamond
K. Loren Wilson (Publisher)
Published August 24, 2012
Science Fiction
Approx. 279 pgs

The description of Out of Her Universe states that a young woman, Hannah Fleischer, has no idea that she was not born in our universe on Earth. This is just a tiny portion of the novel. The book is more about how there are multiple universes. So far Earth One only knows of a few. Their close twin, Earth Two, holds counterparts of many of Earth One’s inhabitants. The two worlds once were identical in history.


Earth Two has taken hold of a different destiny, due to the death of Hitler before he came into power. There was no Holocaust, World War II, arms race, or really even a United States of America. Due to a naturally occurring pirisma, a neo-Nazi is able to cross into Earth One to wreak havoc.


I really enjoyed reading this novel. It was very interesting to see Jacqueline Diamond’s take on parallel universes. Her ability to create a realistic alternate universe that was so similar to our own yet so different is amazing. Although this was a great read, it did take me a little longer to read, mainly because there was so much to keep up with (who was who, who knew what, how did they know that).


I would definitely recommend this to sci-fi fanatics and anyone who likes shows like “Fringe” and “Dr. Who”, as it caters to the alternative universe themes. However, even if you don’t like those shows, still give it a try! (Don’t tell anyone, but I dropped “Fringe” only 5 episodes in… :))

I will be reading the sequel when it’s available!


Rating: 4 out of 5
Cover: 3 out of 5
Overall: 3.5 out of 5

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