50 Beauty Secrets for Women Over 40 by Bella Sparelli

50 Beauty Secrets for Women Over 40 by Bella Sparelli

50 Beauty Secrets for Women Over 40
by Bella Sparelli
July 25, 2013
Non-Fiction, Health & Beauty
eBook, 46 pages
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From Amazon:
There are many tips that women should know so they can retain their beauty as they age. Some people believe as you get older you will lose your beauty. This is not so and there are many things you can do to stay beautiful for years to come.

Just as the title states, contained within are 50 secrets to help women maintain/regain an overall healthy appearance. It focuses on skin care, nutrition, and physical/spiritual exercise.

“When we start following trends, fashion, other people blindly we start losing our originality. So never be afraid to show who you truly are.”

What really stood out about these beauty tips is that it wasn’t about pushing magic pills, plastic surgery or strictly makeup and skin creams. There’s more of a natural approach to bringing out your own beauty instead of someone else’s version. Ms. Sparelli explains the usefulness of vitamin supplements, whole foods (fruits and veggies) and most importantly, water.

“50 Beauty Secrets for Women Over 40” lost points for formatting and editing. There were too many glaring mistakes for me to just ignore. There were a few secrets that were repetitive or just out of place where they were. For instance, “Foods for the Skin” and “Nourish Skin from the Inside Out” could have been combined. They mention most of the same foods and give the same reasons.

“Add water therapy: Walk in the rain and jump in puddles” – That just sounds like fun!

I think many of these tips are useful and should be implemented even before turning 40. This kind of advice will not only keep you looking young, but will keep you young at heart also.

Rating: 3 out of 5
Cover: 3 out of 5
Overall: 3 out of 5

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