The Reckless Engineer by Jac Wright

The Reckless Engineer by Jac Wright
The Reckless Engineer
by Jac Wright
Soul Mate Publishing
Mystery, Suspense
Approx. 400 pages


Jack Connor’s lives an idyllic life by the Portsmouth seaside married to Caitlin McAllen, a stunning billionaire heiress, and working at his two jobs as the Head of Radar Engineering of Marine Electronics and as the Director of Engineering of McAllen BlackGold, his powerful father-in-law Douglas McAllen’s extreme engineering company in Oil & Gas. He loves his two sons from his first marriage and is amicably divorced from his beautiful first wife Marianne Connor. Their delicately balanced lives are shattered when sexy Michelle Williams, with whom Jack is having a secret affair and who is pregnant with his child, is found dead and Jack is arrested on suspicion for the murder.

Jeremy Stone brings London’s top defense attorney, Harry Stavers, to handle his best friend’s defense.

Who is the bald man with the tattoo of a skull seen entering the victim’s house? Who is “KC” who Caitlin makes secret calls to from a untraceable mobile? Has powerful Douglas McAllen already killed his daughter’s first partner and is he capable of killing again? Is Caitlin’s brother Ronnie McAllen’s power struggle with Jack for the control of McAllen Industries so intense that he is prepared to kill and frame his brother-in-law? Is the divorce from Jack’s first wife as amicable on her part as they believe it to be? Are his sons prepared to kill for their vast inheritance? Who are the ghosts from Caitlin’s past in Aberdeen, Scotland haunting the marriage? What is the involvement of Jack’s manager at Marine Electronics?

While Jack is charged and his murder trial proceeds in the Crown Court under barrister Harry Stavers’ expert care, Jeremy runs a race against time to find the real killer and save his friend’s life, if he is in fact innocent, in a tense saga of love, desire, power, and ambition.


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How could I have missed it? How could I be so blind? The signs were all there. I should have known. I should have been able to figure it out. Kudos to you Mr. Wright, you slipped one past me.

The story starts out with Jeremy Stone (and associate/lawyer Harry Stavers) being called on to prevent his friend, Jack Connor, from spending the rest of his life in prison for the murder of his mistress Michelle Williams. Then the mystery murder theater begins.

Jeremy is awesome! He sneaks, he spies, he climbs walls, and he makes awesome machinery. I might like Jack from a distance. While I feel bad for him and he seems like a good person, he really brought all this trouble on himself by cheating in the first place. Didn’t you learn anything the first time? Then there’s Michelle. I’m surprised she made it as far in life as she did. It seems that people were waiting in line to kill this woman!

I can’t go on without mentioning Magnus Laird, the clumsy attorney. He made me giggle, but don’t think he’s going down in court without a fight. Let me stop here before I end up giving too much away.

Jac makes made a novel that revolves around highly qualified electrical engineers work beautifully. The novel moved at a nice pace and didn’t feel weighed down with technical jargon. The more I read, the more I became interested in what these engineers do professionally, in addition to whom they were killing.

I had fun trying to figure out who stabbed Michelle in the back with a pitchfork (they were in the kitchen overlooking the garden). Jac did an excellent job of keeping that very well hidden until the end. So, if you want to know who did it, read the book!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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