Raving About 2013

I started following Chuck Wendig and this is in response to his recent post about ‘Stuff Wot He Liked in 2013’. I like his style, his blog makes me giggle and want to write more. So without further ado…


“The raven raved about the rave” – Me in a moment of insanity 🙂


What I meant was here’s what I’m raving about this year.

A book you read in 2013 you’d recommend:

The Academy Series: 1 girl, 9 guys. It’s unconventional and taboo (at least it seems so in the US). I think that’s why I like it. That and it’s a great fantasy! I’m going crazy waiting for book 5 in the series…. CRAZY!

The Academy - Introductions (Year One, Book One) by C.L. Stone The Academy - First Days (Year One, Book Two) by C.L. Stone The Academy - Friends vs. Family (Year One, Book Three)  by C.L. Stone The Academy - Forgiveness and Permission (Year One, Book Four) by C.L. Stone

A comic book you dug in 2013:

I was not a big comic book person at the beginning of the year. I’m still not, but I’m being forced to read them by a brother who is nuts over them. Out of the one’s I’ve read so far, I’d have to say the X-Factor series is the one I’ll be completing. I like the humor and it has a X-Men vibe to it.

X-Factor - The Longest Night by Peter David

A TV show:

It really is hard to pick just one, so I broke them down into categories:

Fantasy: Supernatural (2005)

Drama: Scandal (2012)

Comedy: The Big Bang Theory (2007)

Anime: One Piece (1999)

Supernatural Scandal The Big Bang Theory One_Piece,_Volume_61_Cover_(Japanese)

A movie:

I haven’t seen many this year but 2 Guns beat out Thor: The Dark World. While Loki is my favorite villain of all time, Denzel Washington and Mark ‘Marky Mark’ Wahlberg in a movie together with guns, explosions and jokes makes me want to put it on repeat.

2 Guns

A game:

I haven’t really played any this year, but every time I do, I go back to Splinter Cell. It doesn’t matter which game or which system, as long as it’s a version of SC.

Splinter Cell

What are your ‘Best of 2013’ picks?


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