Starting Off the Year Right

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m multipassionate.

I’ve decided to make quite a few changes to this here blog. Over the years (I won’t say how many), I’ve started a number of blogs (again, I plead the 5th), but for one reason or another, they all tapered off. It was usually because I picked up a new project or just something in general that interested me didn’t fit into the theme of the current blog.

Realizing that breaking myself into pieces wasn’t helping anything, this little slice of the net is going to represent the whole of me. Everything that makes me, me. I want this to be a site that bought all my skills, talents, and quirks (especially quirks) into play.

Sometimes, thoughts will tie together, sometimes they wont. The point is to just go with the flow and take what you need from it.

*Disclaimer:  If you’re going to venture further on this site, you need to have an open mind. I try to get all my personalities to work together, but they tend to like going against the grain. Just putting that out there.


My Main Hobbies:

I’m just throwing this out here so you know about 1.28% of what to expect.

Since I read so much, I figured this year I’d start a list of the books I like the most each month. Last year, I had a crush on YA books. This year, I’ve swooned over M/M. I’ve been going strong on this, but next year it could be something else. I’m already leaning toward Paranormals. 🙂

I’ll try to keep this short each month, but no promises!

I’ve got skills at picking up random things and I don’t do well when I have nothing to do. This means I usually have a couple of random projects going at a time. They’re always completed to my standards, not anyone else’s. This means that if I stop in the middle and declare it done, it’s d-o-n-e, done. I got what I needed to out if it.



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