Free Code Camp

I am now coding again! Thanks to an article on Lifehacker, I found a site, FreeCodeCamp, that walks you through Full-Stack Web Development, while holding your hand (at least part of the way).

I’ve been trying to learn a programming language for a while now. I keep getting distracted, discouraged, and some other D words. The plus side in this is now I know a little about PHP, Ruby, and can search my way through to find anything I don’t know.

A large help in me sticking with it so far, in addition to this site just being awesome, is the community on Gitter. The people there are very helpful!

Just out of curiosity, I found what the my expectations should be at the end of this journey in chat on

Quincy Larson states:

by the time you finish Free Code Camp your portfolio will include:
10 single-page apps (on CodePen)
5 full stack apps (on Heroku)
4 nonprofit projects (that lots of people are actually using)

So, I’ll be plugging my way through, posting information that’s helpful or that I just need to remember, and hopefully at the end of this journey, I’ll be helping someone out with my brand new skill-set!


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