Navigating the Bonfires

So, I reached the bonfires on Free Code Camp faster than I was expecting, especially with the few breaks I took. Apparently it helped that I knew a lot of the HTML and CSS already. The Bootstrap and jQuery were both fun and fast. The basic Javascript flew by because I already knew a little about for/while loops. I felt confident that I could stumble my way through some practice programming.

As I sit here staring at this huge wall of “I had no fucking idea”, I’m both worried and excited. Worried because this is a massive wall! Because I’ve been trying to learn this for years but I kept trying to scramble up a solid slick surface without any tools. But I’m excited because I finally found some grappling hooks and footholds that’ll help me to pull myself to the top.

Thankfully, I don’t see myself running from this anytime soon.


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