Review: Shattered by You (Tear Asunder #3) by Nashoda Rose

Shattered by You
Shattered by You by Nashoda Rose
Tear Asunder #3
Release Date: June 21, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Dark

My rating: 4 of 5 stars (4.5 stars)

What started out as a deal quickly became a friendship that conquered monsters.

I killed, but I escaped hell.

Emotionless. Disconnected. Cold. A mannequin. It’s what I’d become in order to survive the years held in captivity. I was able to endure the abuse and devastating loss as long as I remained detached.

But he wouldn’t let me.

Crisis, the bass guitarist in my brother’s rock band, Tear Asunder. He’s cocky, rude, a total man-whore. But the rock star has far more beneath the surface of his inked skin, and he’s determined to make me laugh again.

He made me a “deal”, but really, it was blackmail.

His terms were simple. Until his playful honesty became the building blocks to something unexpected. Something strong enough to pull me from the eye of the storm.

Because even though I escaped years of abuse, it didn’t mean I was free.

*For mature audiences only.

Shattered by You is written as a standalone, however, it is recommended you read Book 1 and 2 in the Tear Asunder series.

Trigger warning: abuse of a minor, rape, violence
Disclaimer:ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Haven’s had a hard life. She’s numb from all the years of abuse and barely surviving. She wants to stay numb even as her brother, Ream and the rest of the group try to gently pull her out of her void. That and she wants is to be normal and free to make her own choices.

Crisis likes to play the bass guitar and have sex. Getting the ladies is easy. It helps that he’s in the hit rock band, Tear Asunder. There’s way more to Crisis than he shows the public.

Crisis sees Haven and what’s really going on. He wants to be there for her. A friendship evolves and deepens and brings out something in them that they were both trying to hide. The pace of the story was great for these two. The friendship turned romance was beautiful, heart-breaking, sweet. Crisis has a great sense of humor and is so natural that Haven doesn’t think twice about certain things because that’s just the way he is.

I’ve been in love with this series since the novella and now the long, dark wait for Kite’s story begins.

This can be read as a standalone, but I’d say you kinda do need to read Ream’s story to know what’s going on with Haven. But why are you even contemplating missing Sculpt’s and Ream’s stories in the first place?

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