Climbing Out of the Pit

Do not fear. I have not stopped in my quest to learn Full Stack Development! It’s actually been taking up the majority of my time.

As the title said, I’ve entered and made it to about the halfway point of the intermediate algorithms on Free Code Camp.

The whirlpool that was the “Intermediate Front End Development Projects” didn’t want to let me go. For something that quite a few people mentioned was so simple, it was thrashing my boat all over the place. The funny part of it was, once I figured things out, I had to stare at my reflection in the calm waters, in confusion mind you, to see why it took me so long, because the things really were simple!

Now the algorithms:
I fully expected to be going through this section, clutching my safety vest in horror, as I headed towards the big rocks on the starboard shore. However, while the scenarios are hard, I’m able to break them apart and solve them fairly quickly.

I hope this means I’m truly starting to think like a programmer!

Projects So Far:
Personal Portfolio Webpage
Random Quote Machine
JavaScript Calculator
Tribute Page
Local Weather
Wikipedia Viewer
Twitchtv JSON API


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