Another Time


*Disclaimer: Please remember, this fictional story is still a work in progress and has not been edited. Please forgive any mistakes or mistypes…hopefully they’re minor.


Standing on the little dirt road, Sally stared at the column of light. It was beautiful with the rainbow of colors swirling around it. She’d pinkie promised all three of her dads that she wouldn’t wander outside alone, especially not by the ‘danger zone’ as they were now calling it. But time was running out. And the voices wouldn’t leave her alone. The light had been calling her name since it showed up the week before.

The adults were all in a tizzy, wondering why it and the other ones around the world were not moving. They looked like pretty tornados, but they didn’t disturb any of the area around them. It didn’t get bigger or smaller. It just stood, reaching into the clouds that now covered all of Earth. And it called her name.

When the light first touched down, everyone thought that bombs were exploding, except no one died. Then people started silently walking into the lights never to return. Sally knew why the lights were there. And where they lead to. And why only certain people ‘went crazy’ and walked into them. Because she wanted to go too. But that would mean leaving her dads behind and she didn’t want them to be sad that she left. So right now, while they were sleep, she was going to try to talk to the light. Her daddies were good, so they should be able to go too. Determined, she started past the hay roll toward the tall being that stepped out. Toward what she knew was a new and better beginning.


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