Review: Sekret (Sekret #1) by Lindsay Smith

Sekret by Lindsay Smith
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press/Macmillan Children’s
Release Date: April 1, 2014
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Historical Fiction

My rating: 3 of 5 stars (3.5 stars)

An empty mind is a safe mind.

Yulia knows she must hide her thoughts and control her emotions to survive in Communist Russia. But if she sometimes manipulates the black market traders by reading their thoughts when she touches their skin, so what? Anything to help her survive.

Russia’s powerful spy agency, the KGB, is recruiting young people with mind-reading capabilities for their psychic espionage program. Their mission: protect the Soviet space program from American CIA spies. Why shouldn’t the KGB use any means necessary to make the young psychic cooperate? Anything to beat the American capitalist scum to the moon.

Yulia is a survivor. She won’t be controlled by the KGB, who want to harness her abilities for the State with no regard for her own hopes and dreams. She won’t let handsome Sergei plan her life as a member of elite Soviet society, or allow brooding Valentin to consume her with his dangerous mind and even more dangerous ideas. And she certainly won’t become the next victim of the powerful American spy who can scrub a brain raw—and seems to be targeting Yulia.

I liked this for the most part. The history of Russia was well fleshed out, the overall scheme was good except that the KGB seemed a little narrow minded, and the sci-fi part was interesting. However, as the action picked up, it felt like the book slowed down. There was more internal thoughting than actual actioning.

The romance had me tilting my head. I knew where it was heading, but I was really just hoping that entire train derailed. It wasn’t the most interesting part of the book. Not even a little.

BIG plus that Yulia was a strong female and worked to save herself and her family at the same time. The funny thing is that this book worked as a historical but with a little date changing, could also work as a futuristic novel as well.

I’m currently on the fence about finishing this series.

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