Mini Update: Speaking Up

I really should get a better memory. Or at least write things down.

I’m convinced I had a whole speech prepared for you today. It was witty, I swear. It compared how much time I spend in fictional worlds to how much I actually talk about the real world. And I promise you might have dropped a tear or two. But alas, it has been lost. I must have dropped it in the water.

Either I wrote it or typed it down and misplaced it, or as usual, I had an entire convo in my mind and assumed that because it happened there, the rest of the world knew about it.


About speaking up. There’s been some things going on in the real world (arguments about dresses, bathrooms and such) and I realized I didn’t have a safe place to journalize what was going on, how I felt about it, etc. You know, because of who might see, because it’s the internet and professionalism and all that jazz. Then I remembered that was the purpose of the river.

If people can post all their business and goodies on the Facebook®, then I can surely post some thoughts here. The river is my safe place. Where I don’t have to hide. I can break down the dam and be me here.

I’ll try not to overwhelm you right out the gate with the amazingness weirdness that is I!


It’s Friday, the 13th!!
If I’m not too chicken, I might try for a scary movie today… Probably not.


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