Cup inscribed with

*Disclaimer: Please remember, this fictional story is still a work in progress and has not been edited. Please forgive any mistakes or mistypes…hopefully they’re minor.


“Holy shit, Klau! I thought we’d gotten over that little disagreement months ago.”

Donald Klau failed at keeping the surprise and disgust off his face. “Little? You killed my boyfriend and his girlfriend. I’m going to need more than a few months to come to terms with that.”

“That really wasn’t my fault. They were on the list. I just happened to be the one given the job.” The shrugged shoulders pissed Klau off even more. “I thought that’s why you asked me over early. You know, water under the bridge? Especially since you died too.”

“But you had the power to give them more time. I begged you to let them live. It was just me you wanted!” Klau’s grip on the table tightened. He really wanted to jump over it and wail on the monster that smirked back at him. But he knew that wouldn’t do any good.

“Then I wouldn’t have any leverage to keep you here. And this job is all about leverage. What people will promise to do to save the ones they love.”

He slumped in his chair, defeated. That concoction he put in the tea should have worked by now. He’d already tried it on himself with no effect, so giving it to his boss was just wishful thinking. He just wanted to be free from this new ‘job’.

“You should know you can’t kill me. Now stop this foolishness. If you’re a good boy, eventually I’ll let your people go to heaven.”

Death stood, gesturing for Klau to follow him. And he had no choice but to follow. Eventually his humanity would wilt away and he’d be in Death’s shoes, reaping and training new souls.


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