Mini Update: Pee On The Way Back

It’s time for a heart to heart session. I will attempt to refrain from name calling. Attempt only.

I’m thinking that most of the masses need to learn how to stay in their lane on the way back to MindYourOwnBusinessVille. Because people are getting out of hand over everything. Every…little…thing!!

Grant it, everyone has an opinion. Everyone also has an asshole and a bladder. And while this post aims to specifically addresses one news story, the statement above can be applied to much more than just bathrooms.


A couple days ago on the news, one Christopher Adams was attacked for taking his child to the Walmart bathroom. His 5-year old child. Who was in there because I’m betting she had to pee. Or hell, because of the fact that she’s five and he probably didn’t want to send her into a different bathroom by herself. Or leave her in any part of the store by herself.

Then the nosy, holier than thou, “I think I know how to raise your child better than you” individual attacked Mr. Adams for bringing his little girl into the men’s restroom. Because where do you go when you need to pee, your son needs to pee, and of course your daughter needs to pee? That’s right! In the damn bathroom. Where there are stalls so that no one sees all your goodies. Unless they’re peeping Tom’s like someone mentioned a woman did at Target because she wanted to “make sure that the person was supposed to be in there peeing”.


Anyhoo, before I get off track, moral of this is that just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it isn’t right or done with a reason. Now, if it was something bigger, like crazy ass was preventing bodily harm or stealing or if he thought it was his right to rob the guy, at least there would have been some logic behind the attack. But to get pissed enough to hurt someone because they were voiding toxins from their body, like every living, breathing person on Planet Earth does, is just beyond fucking ridiculous.

So to the masses:

“Live and let live.” ~ origin 1600’s (?)

“Treat people the way you want to be treated.” ~ Luke 6:31

There’s already too much hate in the world for you to add to it over silly little things that don’t matter at all in the long run.

News sources:
NBC News
Fox News


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