Moving Forward

Hello People’s!!!

It’s been a while, I know. Lately it’s​ seemed like my river narrowed out, tree roots are popping up out of nowhere then it took a 90 degree turn, so I’ve been hitting the banks and having a hard time finding a good route through the junk.

I haven’t been writing, reading as much, or drawing. BUT, my programming ability has shot to new heights. Nowhere near calling myself an expert, but I can confidently f#ck some sh*t up!

On the more personal front, I have written some things down, but most of it stays in my head. I thinking of “cleaning” some of  a it up and posting my thoughts here. Although after last night, I think some things will start to clear up if I can get the courage to move forward.
A friend gave myself and a couple other friends tarot readings last night. And before I’d even told her my question, she’d told me all about the thing that is blocking my way forward and what I’d have to do to set myself back on my way.

The thing about it that I’ve know for years what my way forward was but it means:

1. Going forward with no kind of safety net and forging some kind of new net.

2. Breaking away from someone who was/is a vital part of my life, but has never really necessarily had my best interests in mind unless it was somehow able to benefit them also.

Funny how having it all laid out in front of you before you’ve even said a word can make you pay attention to the intuition you’ve been ignoring for oh so long.

The only problem I can see with this path is that because my current livelihood is so tied up in dealing with this person, that it’s going to take a massive amount of planning and tree uprooting to get around the big a$$  blockage.


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