FCC Speedrun – Day 1

Who knew red pandas had a need for speed?

red panda sleeping

So speedy up there is the mascot for my Chingu cohort. And I’m about to push him out the tree so we can get this show on the road! (Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll land on his feet)

This challenge is thanks to P1xt, who made the challenge to push herself last month, Chance who started the awesome Chingu groups and all the others that help and motivate!

Rules of the speedrun (I picked the ones I deemed most important):

  1.  This is not a challenge/contest against the other participants. This is a challenge with yourself. The goal is to push, get kicked out of the comfort zone and learn as much as possible. Where you are now is not where you should be in 4 weeks. Even if you were only able to complete one project, that’s progress!
  2. Runs from April 18th until May 19th
  3. There’s 2 phases
    • Phase 1: Complete as many of the FCC Projects as you can in a four week period.
    • Phase 2: Integrate all of the FCC Projects you created in Phase 1 into one comprehensive single page portfolio application.
  4. During phase 1, challengers can collaborate, but phase 2 is an individual effort.
  5. Pick a stack and stick to it!
  6. For each project, write a blog post about working on it.
  7. Help others understand and dang it ask for help when you need it.
  8. If you pair with someone, credit them in your repo and blog post.
  9.  Give it your all, but remember to have fun!

My Speedrun progress:

  • I kinda started on the Camper Leaderboard yesterday. We were allowed to start early and I’m glad I did. Angular is fun and all, but I can’t help looking at it cross-eyed. It looks so easy when following a tutorial.

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