FCC SpeedRun: Still Learning!

I have proof that I’m learning!

I’ve been playing around in Angular for the speed run and it was going great until last week. Life got real real fast and that meant less time sitting in front of a screen coding / webinaring / reading / etc. This issue with that was it happened right before I was about to start my next project, the recipe box.

**For those just tuning in, the FCC Speedrun challenge is to complete as many FCC projects as possible in a short amount of time (approx. 4 weeks). Repo and rules are listed here.

The Quest

Oh, god, the quest is to just keep moving forward!

Things have been kinda mellowing out, which means me and my three true loves, my computer, phone, and kindle, have been able to reunite me with the internet on a more ongoing basis. However, there is an issue. Every time I attempt to get somewhere on the recipe box, my mind rebels.

Side note: I’m sure that since I want to be connected to the internet, that means I have four true loves. It’s more of a hinge relationship, since I know the internet through computer, phone and kindle. And love it the same, I do. But, I digress…

The Route

What route? I’m turned around in the Forest of Angular and the troll is just having the laugh of their life because they know the way.

Before I sit down, I know exactly what I need to do. I’ve written it out. I have diagrams. I have psuedocode. But as soon as my backside touches wood and I pick up an oar, the boat starts flooding. Some of my brain cells decide in that very moment that they need an immediate cruise in the opposite direction of where I’m going. And it’s a good thing they left when they did, because a few others pick that time to play real life “Purge” and start killing their neighbors. Others still just sit back with a drink (most likely Bacardi Rum and pineapple juice) while singing “I’ll never tell”.

And all of that is alright. All of that frustration and coder’s block is how I know I’m learning.

The Forest Creatures

Troll: my brain cells or Angular itself? Really no way to tell right now.

The Reward

  • +5 for not beating my head against a literal wall seeing as I’m already doing it figuratively.
  • +25 for actually blogging about it instead of thinking I already did or actually writing it down and then not posting it because “no one cares”, but I care so nana nana boo boo! (I’m kinda in my feelings right now if you couldn’t tell)

145 Points ~ Level 2


Can your side quest’s side quest have a side quest?


*FYI: The Purge is owned by Universal Studios and we all know I don’t own Bacardi *sigh*


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