Sense8: Season 2

I was just mentioning how these last little weeks have been crazy, yet I found the time to *cough*bing*cough* watch season 2 of Sense8. Well, it really was a situation of “watch this show or go crazy”. But forget about this, it’s not important.

What is important:

Who hasn’t seen it yet? Apparently no one because Reddit has been blowing up about it. And I would talk about it here but I’ll end up mentioning ALL of the spoilers. Seriously, they’re already swirling in my head, wanting to get out. Because it was so good!!!

I don’t want to, but I’m willing to wait another 2 years for season 3. Wachowski’s and Netflix, make this happen!


FCC SpeedRun: Still Learning!

I have proof that I’m learning!

I’ve been playing around in Angular for the speed run and it was going great until last week. Life got real real fast and that meant less time sitting in front of a screen coding / webinaring / reading / etc. This issue with that was it happened right before I was about to start my next project, the recipe box.

**For those just tuning in, the FCC Speedrun challenge is to complete as many FCC projects as possible in a short amount of time (approx. 4 weeks). Repo and rules are listed here.

The Quest

Oh, god, the quest is to just keep moving forward!

Things have been kinda mellowing out, which means me and my three true loves, my computer, phone, and kindle, have been able to reunite me with the internet on a more ongoing basis. However, there is an issue. Every time I attempt to get somewhere on the recipe box, my mind rebels.

Side note: I’m sure that since I want to be connected to the internet, that means I have four true loves. It’s more of a hinge relationship, since I know the internet through computer, phone and kindle. And love it the same, I do. But, I digress…

The Route

What route? I’m turned around in the Forest of Angular and the troll is just having the laugh of their life because they know the way.

Before I sit down, I know exactly what I need to do. I’ve written it out. I have diagrams. I have psuedocode. But as soon as my backside touches wood and I pick up an oar, the boat starts flooding. Some of my brain cells decide in that very moment that they need an immediate cruise in the opposite direction of where I’m going. And it’s a good thing they left when they did, because a few others pick that time to play real life “Purge” and start killing their neighbors. Others still just sit back with a drink (most likely Bacardi Rum and pineapple juice) while singing “I’ll never tell”.

And all of that is alright. All of that frustration and coder’s block is how I know I’m learning.

The Forest Creatures

Troll: my brain cells or Angular itself? Really no way to tell right now.

The Reward

  • +5 for not beating my head against a literal wall seeing as I’m already doing it figuratively.
  • +25 for actually blogging about it instead of thinking I already did or actually writing it down and then not posting it because “no one cares”, but I care so nana nana boo boo! (I’m kinda in my feelings right now if you couldn’t tell)

145 Points ~ Level 2


Can your side quest’s side quest have a side quest?


*FYI: The Purge is owned by Universal Studios and we all know I don’t own Bacardi *sigh*

Which Fork to Take? Left or Right?

How about both?

Since my programming abilities are climbing, it’s been past time for me to start building other skills. Mainly the soft skills, like communication through writing.

You’d think that’d be an easy one for me, but no. I’ve found that while I might understand or know how to put something together doesn’t mean I know how to explain it to someone else. So since you were standing off in the forest, doing a bad job of hiding, you’ve been tagged to be my test bunnies!

As previously mentioned somewhere on this blog, I’ve been doing FreeCodeCamp. I’ve adjusted my timeline on that as I needed/still need to veer off to do deeper learning on certain concepts instead of stopping in the middle of a project to learn them.

I’ve completed the API projects for the back end portion and have moved to the data visualization part to learn Angular before moving into the full stack projects.

I started in the web dev cohort of CoderGirl (FYI they have an information session coming up on May 6th) back in January. It’s awesome! Although I’ve been able to go through some of the beginning lessons easier because I’ve been learning the last year, it’s still very beneficial.

Having mentors to answer questions, having teammates to bounce questions, ideas and resources off of, and the fact that I’m not coding alone in my house all the time have made a difference. We’ve started 3 projects so far in the learning track and I can’t wait for the project track that’s coming up!

Third, I’m in a Chingu Cohort, started by Chance via the FCC forums. Px1t, who is bad ass and very helpful and forthcoming with information, did a speedrun last month. So we’re doing one in the cohort starting this week. I was on the fence but signed up because even if I only get one project done, it’ll be more than what I have done now.

I’ve decided to go with the MEAN (Mongodb, Express, Angular, & Node) stack because even though I was leaning toward using Vue.js as my frontend framework for this, I’d like to continue to tackle and continue to put the hurt on Angular.

As you can see, the amount of interests/projects are piling up, and that’s just within the tech lane. Good thing I’m a great plate-spinner!

Moving Forward

Hello People’s!!!

It’s been a while, I know. Lately it’s​ seemed like my river narrowed out, tree roots are popping up out of nowhere then it took a 90 degree turn, so I’ve been hitting the banks and having a hard time finding a good route through the junk.

I haven’t been writing, reading as much, or drawing. BUT, my programming ability has shot to new heights. Nowhere near calling myself an expert, but I can confidently f#ck some sh*t up!

On the more personal front, I have written some things down, but most of it stays in my head. I thinking of “cleaning” some of  a it up and posting my thoughts here. Although after last night, I think some things will start to clear up if I can get the courage to move forward.
A friend gave myself and a couple other friends tarot readings last night. And before I’d even told her my question, she’d told me all about the thing that is blocking my way forward and what I’d have to do to set myself back on my way.

The thing about it that I’ve know for years what my way forward was but it means:

1. Going forward with no kind of safety net and forging some kind of new net.

2. Breaking away from someone who was/is a vital part of my life, but has never really necessarily had my best interests in mind unless it was somehow able to benefit them also.

Funny how having it all laid out in front of you before you’ve even said a word can make you pay attention to the intuition you’ve been ignoring for oh so long.

The only problem I can see with this path is that because my current livelihood is so tied up in dealing with this person, that it’s going to take a massive amount of planning and tree uprooting to get around the big a$$  blockage.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Promotional poster for A Series of Unfortunate Events

This book series, turned movie, turned TV series is now available on Netflix. And it was everything I hoped it would be!!

I’ve read the books and seen the movie (which I noticed got a lot of hate, but I loved it), and the series lives up to the books. It’s just as silly and frustrating. The actors are on point. The only thing I didn’t like is that it ended at 8 episodes. Neil, what are you doing? I hope it’s making a season 2!

Mini Update: Summer Fun

I did it again. I pulled my boat over and wandered off. And then I lost sight of the shore. But it was so much fun! I had a hard time getting back to the boat and it’s hella hard to stay in it.

Thank you all for sticking with me while I wander around the riverbanks!!!

I’m going to attempt to get back on some semblance of a lazy coast down the river, but in the meantime, here’s my highlights:

    • Got in a minor car accident. Car that rear-ended us drove off. Hurt like hell. I’m still working off back pain, but everyone else in our car was alright!
    • Had a heart to heart with my friends. We learned more about each other. We’re closer now.
    • Accidently mentioned bisexual to friends, and then to mom. Who told grandma. -_- Everyone was cool about it, so I’m cool.
    • Heard about Too. Fucking. Many. Shootings and Bombings! What the Hell, man! Why don’t y’all try loving some damn body instead of trying to fucking end lives!!!
    • Slowed down on reading. But the books I have read were awesome. Less time to read, meant less time spent on bad books, aka if I didn’t have a burning need to finish it (call it curiosity or nosiness), it didn’t get finished. (Actually, let’s just call it burning curiosity.)
    • Summer’s almost over and I still haven’t gone swimming yet!! 😥
    • Started eating less meat. Almost kicked pork completely. Bacon is still whooping my ass.
    • Kept close enough eye on the presidential race to know that “Holy shit, I need this to fall of the right edge of the sword!”
    • Lot’s of space shit happening. Jupiter’s wife Juno got called in to go to his bachelor pad and bust him hanging with his concubines. Large reservoir of water found. And freaking “Earth-like” planets!
    • Fell into some awesome TV shows by force. Meaning my friends forced me to sit down and watch TV. Normally, it takes me 2 weeks to get through a movie, so imagine watching an entire season of mini movies.
    • If you haven’t already, get into (All on Netflix/Hulu):
      • Wayward Pines
      • The Shannara Chronicles
      • Stranger Things
      • Silk
      • Limitless
    • Honorary mention: Honestly considered murdering Javascript and his buddies, but I restarted The Odin Project and I think we’re cool now. Ruby is a great mediator and FCC is playing judge. 😀


That’s all I’ve got right now. Hopefully nobody tries to lure me to shore again by shining light in their SOS mirrors. Or by dangling fun, away from the computer activities in front of my face.

If so, don’t worry. Summer’s almost over, school will be back in session soon and me and my computer will get close again. But maybe not too close.

Make It Safe To Love

It’s not safe to love. It’s not safe.

I thought it was time. I thought, there’s no way to be knocked down, with so many speaking out. I thought, I can finally be myself. I thought, I can tell my friends, and they’ll be supportive. I thought I could meet new people, as myself, and they wouldn’t blink an eye, only welcome me into the fold.

Then I woke up to the news. A shooting in Orlando. The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. A hate crime targeted against LGBTQ people. Against queer POC.

My heart broke. I thought, maybe I thought wrong. Maybe I need to go back into hiding, into being society’s version of normal. I thought, it’s not time yet, the people aren’t ready. I thought all day long.

Then I thought, why should I have to hide again. I thought, why is being in love wrong. Is it because it doesn’t fit into a preconcieved box?

I think I need to stand up. I think I need to speak out. I think I need to refuse to pretend to be something I’m not.

I think we need to stand up. I think we need to push aside the fear. I think we need to stand up to the haters and the bullies. I think we need to love each other as we are.

Stand up for those who are no longer able to. Speak out for those who no longer can. Show your pride, offer friendship, support and love each other.

How to Help

Give blood
Especially the rarer types: O negative, O positive and AB plasma

Monetary donations
Equality Florida, a nonprofit LGBT civil rights organization, has set up a GoFundMe account for the victims and their families. Equality Florida spokesperson Ida Vishkaee Eskamani says all of the money donated will go the relatives.

The global nonprofit organization Planting Peace has set up a site for donations on CrowdRise. The money donated will help cover the funeral and medical costs of the victims. The goal is $100,000.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said that relatives of victims who need information can call a special hotline at (407) 246-4357.

Mini Update: Pee On The Way Back

It’s time for a heart to heart session. I will attempt to refrain from name calling. Attempt only.

I’m thinking that most of the masses need to learn how to stay in their lane on the way back to MindYourOwnBusinessVille. Because people are getting out of hand over everything. Every…little…thing!!

Grant it, everyone has an opinion. Everyone also has an asshole and a bladder. And while this post aims to specifically addresses one news story, the statement above can be applied to much more than just bathrooms.


A couple days ago on the news, one Christopher Adams was attacked for taking his child to the Walmart bathroom. His 5-year old child. Who was in there because I’m betting she had to pee. Or hell, because of the fact that she’s five and he probably didn’t want to send her into a different bathroom by herself. Or leave her in any part of the store by herself.

Then the nosy, holier than thou, “I think I know how to raise your child better than you” individual attacked Mr. Adams for bringing his little girl into the men’s restroom. Because where do you go when you need to pee, your son needs to pee, and of course your daughter needs to pee? That’s right! In the damn bathroom. Where there are stalls so that no one sees all your goodies. Unless they’re peeping Tom’s like someone mentioned a woman did at Target because she wanted to “make sure that the person was supposed to be in there peeing”.


Anyhoo, before I get off track, moral of this is that just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it isn’t right or done with a reason. Now, if it was something bigger, like crazy ass was preventing bodily harm or stealing or if he thought it was his right to rob the guy, at least there would have been some logic behind the attack. But to get pissed enough to hurt someone because they were voiding toxins from their body, like every living, breathing person on Planet Earth does, is just beyond fucking ridiculous.

So to the masses:

“Live and let live.” ~ origin 1600’s (?)

“Treat people the way you want to be treated.” ~ Luke 6:31

There’s already too much hate in the world for you to add to it over silly little things that don’t matter at all in the long run.

News sources:
NBC News
Fox News

Mini Update: What Rhymes with Speaking

It’s funny when you announce you’re going to start speaking your mind, that nothing seems worthy of speaking about.  Which of course causes you to think about things in a different light. They may still piss you off, but not enough to dwell on. It just takes more energy than I’m willing to expend. So I’m going to freestyle here.


  • In other news, the book industry seems to be tilting off it’s axis somewhat. Apparently publishers are pushing their luck and authors are starting to fight back. I lost the link to the fight about Ellora’s Cave, but over at The Passive Voice there’s a pretty good discussion going on about Simon & Schuster and a class action lawsuit for the way they’ve been classifying ebook “sales or licenses” and if they’ve been cheating authors. TPV has been kind enough to place a copy of the complaint in their post.


  • FreeCodeCamp has popped out with a forum!!! How excited am I? Extremely! Not that Gitter and the Facebook groups were a bad thing. I just feel for me, it’ll be easier to keep up and find relevant or older topics and it’ll be better for discussions.
  • I’m in the market for a laptop. But with what I want it to do, I might need Iron Man to come design it. Maybe I should just lower my standards. Le sigh…



  • I’m in love with President Obama. When I meet him, I just want to shake his hand and tell him how awesome he is. And Michelle. Dynamic duo.
  • Trump is still running for president. ‘nough said.

Alright, I guess that’s all I’ve got falling out of my mind right now. Talk to you soon!



The “Iron Man” trademark is owned by Marvel Comics.