Rapids of Legality

Star ratings :

5 stars – One of the best books I’ve ever read!  Terrific, couldn’t put it down! Will be handed out sparingly.
4 stars – Absolutely enjoyed. A note of 4.5 in my review means the book could have been 5 stars, but something minor held me back.
3 stars -This is the average standard. It is a good book, there were elements I did not like, but overall I liked it and would recommended it. I would read other books by this authors.
2 stars – Mildly disliked the read as a whole, or I enjoyed certain parts of the book and hated other parts.
1 star – Difficult to finish or did not finish.

I do give half-star ratings when I feel a book falls in between the ratings. I’ll normally round up when a system doesn’t allow for half stars, but I’ll put my rating in the review. How I felt after reading it does factor into my ratings.


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