Mini Update: Summer Fun

I did it again. I pulled my boat over and wandered off. And then I lost sight of the shore. But it was so much fun! I had a hard time getting back to the boat and it’s hella hard to stay in it.

Thank you all for sticking with me while I wander around the riverbanks!!!

I’m going to attempt to get back on some semblance of a lazy coast down the river, but in the meantime, here’s my highlights:

    • Got in a minor car accident. Car that rear-ended us drove off. Hurt like hell. I’m still working off back pain, but everyone else in our car was alright!
    • Had a heart to heart with my friends. We learned more about each other. We’re closer now.
    • Accidently mentioned bisexual to friends, and then to mom. Who told grandma. -_- Everyone was cool about it, so I’m cool.
    • Heard about Too. Fucking. Many. Shootings and Bombings! What the Hell, man! Why don’t y’all try loving some damn body instead of trying to fucking end lives!!!
    • Slowed down on reading. But the books I have read were awesome. Less time to read, meant less time spent on bad books, aka if I didn’t have a burning need to finish it (call it curiosity or nosiness), it didn’t get finished. (Actually, let’s just call it burning curiosity.)
    • Summer’s almost over and I still haven’t gone swimming yet!! 😥
    • Started eating less meat. Almost kicked pork completely. Bacon is still whooping my ass.
    • Kept close enough eye on the presidential race to know that “Holy shit, I need this to fall of the right edge of the sword!”
    • Lot’s of space shit happening. Jupiter’s wife Juno got called in to go to his bachelor pad and bust him hanging with his concubines. Large reservoir of water found. And freaking “Earth-like” planets!
    • Fell into some awesome TV shows by force. Meaning my friends forced me to sit down and watch TV. Normally, it takes me 2 weeks to get through a movie, so imagine watching an entire season of mini movies.
    • If you haven’t already, get into (All on Netflix/Hulu):
      • Wayward Pines
      • The Shannara Chronicles
      • Stranger Things
      • Silk
      • Limitless
    • Honorary mention: Honestly considered murdering Javascript and his buddies, but I restarted The Odin Project and I think we’re cool now. Ruby is a great mediator and FCC is playing judge. 😀


That’s all I’ve got right now. Hopefully nobody tries to lure me to shore again by shining light in their SOS mirrors. Or by dangling fun, away from the computer activities in front of my face.

If so, don’t worry. Summer’s almost over, school will be back in session soon and me and my computer will get close again. But maybe not too close.